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At Five Heads Strategic Communications we’re passionate about causes and companies dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. We offer unmatched expertise in a wide variety of communications and public relations disciplines. 


From high-level strategists with keen external instincts, to media engagement experts and spokespersons with top-tier media placements and interviews numbering in the thousands, our versatility and flexibility allows us to tailor services to address our client's unique goals and ideals.


Team members work virtually, travel willingly, and headquarter in a variety of U.S. regions and major media markets


The Partners

Carol L. Miller 

Senior communications consultant and founding partner of Five Heads Strategic Communications, Carol has more than 25 years experience working in-house and as an external communications consultant in 25 countries. She provides strategic communications planning and management for high profile organizations working in disaster response, international development, health and disease control, biological science and the performing arts. Strengths include in-depth understanding of international development, media relations, and the role of each client, from grassroots to leadership. 

Nancy Retherford

Senior communications consultant and founding partner of Five Heads Strategic Communications, Nancy combines strong PR instincts and creative vision with 25 years of experience managing external communications for high-visibility national and global causes and events. Strengths include strategic communications, crisis communications preparedness and response and spokesperson coaching and training. Top-tier national and international media relationships, and more than 1,800 media interviews and placements contribute to her ability to help clients tell their best stories.


Heather McMurtrie Acker

Senior communications consultant and partner of Five Heads Strategic Communications with two decades of experience in Public Relations and Marketing. Heather can help you achieve your goals – whether you need help with media outreach, planning events or increasing your marketing capabilities through your web site and written materials. After conducting interviews on the Today Show and CNN as a Red Cross press officer and coaching countless CEOS and spokespeople, she helps leaders and communicators hone interview skills and talking points through a comprehensive Media Training Program.

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